Sub Sandwiches

Sub Sandwiches: served on toasted white French Bread or NEW toasted SOFT SUB

**HOT SUBS**6 inch12 inch24 inch
 Roast Beef 5.7010.4518.50
 Roast Beef with Cheese6.3011.1519.50
 Ham & Cheese5.7010.4518.50 
 BBQ Beef or Ham5.7010.4518.50
 Turkey Breast5.7010.4518.50 
 Turkey Breast with Cheese6.3011.1519.50 
 Bacon Lettuce & Tomato6.7011.8522.50 
 Turkey Club Turkey, Bacon, Cheese 6.7011.8522.50 
 Chipotle Chicken With lettuce, tomato, provel, bacon and Chipotle Ranch 6.70 11.8522.50 
 Philly Chicken6.7011.8522.50 
 Grilled Chicken / cheese6.7011.8522.50 
  Ultimate Beef, Turkey, Ham, Bacon, Swiss, American 7.10 13.5025.00 
 Garlic Bread2.153.857.00 
 Garlic Cheese Bread3.205.108.50 
 Garlic Bread includes either (2) 6 inch pieces or (2) 12 inch pieces or (2) 24 inch pieces  
SHRIMP SANDWICH on 6″  with Remoulade Sauce and lettuce 7.1013.25  
**COLD SUBS**    
 Tuna Sub  – Homemade 5.7010.5018.50 
Veggie Sub
Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Green Pepper, Egg, Mayo, Swiss & American Cheese
4.75 9.00 16.00 
Choice of Toppings:
LettuceTomatoOnions (Red or White)Pickles
Green PepperThousand Island DressingMayoKetchup
MustardHot MustardJalapeño’sHorseradish sauce
Italian DressingChipotle Ranch Ranch Remoulade sauce

Subs are MADE TO ORDER! Tell us what you like on them!